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Welcome to the Gig Economy is a website for people who want to deep dive into the new market-disrupting labor structures made possible by recent technological innovations, voiced largely by participants in this increasingly popular economic system. From social-friendly, media-rich content and thought-leading photo essays to reality-based video testimonials and engaging, interactive quizzes, Welcome to the Gig Economy is guaranteed to grow your knowledge of the economic changes that result from a redistribution of employment power and its impacts on flexibility, stability, creative latitude, long-term growth opportunities, and potential earnings.

Welcome to the Gig Economy, along with Lost at Sea, is the culmination of a unique collaborative structure defined by SPACES called “TAG”. Over the course of one month, the inimitable Thu Tran and I worked separately on either project for one week before trading and working on the other’s project. In the first week, I sourced dozens of videos from Fiverr.com to create a promotional video for the Gig Economy. In the second week, Thu shot footage and edited a new version of the video. In the third week, I sourced listicles and essays from Fiverr.com and created the website gig-economy.biz. And in the final week, Thu added more articles and refined the website, resulting in its final form.

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