Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

The Wonder Cabinet began with a series of round table discussions that resulted in a book of short stories about a cabinet of curiosities that exists beyond space and time, using its various caretakers to feed its unending appetite for objects.

A version of the cabinet was then created as a giant, collaborative installation including video peep holes, a fortune teller, and a system for facilitating the creation and sorting of new offerings to the cabinet. My core contribution was a microwave, a spindle of blank DVDs, and a handful of old light bulbs, placed in such a way as to encourage less-than-safe behavior that resulted in a spectacular show of sparks, flames, crackles, and smoke.

Exhibition History

Georgia Meunster

Stephanie Avery
Marco Castro
Jason Eppink
Kate Jansyn
Carina Kaufman
Irene Lee
Michelle Leftheris
Martina Mrongovius
Alex Nathanson
Mille Højerslev Nielsen
Adrian Owen
Ari Richter
Sarah Walko
by Mille Højerslev Nielsen

Available in the following departments: Aesthetic Interventions, Concepts, Contraptions, Experiments, Interactive Experiences