Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

Strobe Network was a temporary broadcast network organized to embody an alternate reality version of mass culture that was free, conscious, experimental, and uncensored. The network broadcast online 24-hours a day for ten days, featuring work from more than 100 artists, including more than twenty live events at Strobe Network’s temporary studio at Flux Factory.

As the Director of Captive Audiences, I constructed and managed three viewing stations: two toilet viewing stations at Flux Factory and Silent Barn, and one viewing station on the facade of Flux Factory.


Creative Director
Amanda Ryan

Tech Director
Livestream Coordinator
Tech Advisors
Camera Technician
Graphic Design
Video Graphics
John Crowd
Julian Bozeman

Set Design
Director of Captive Audiences
Web Design
Open Call Selection Committee
Artists in Residence
Theme Song
Special Thanks
Performa: RoseLee Goldberg, Esa Nickle, Job Piston Mimi Johnson and Performing Artservices, Inc.
Materials for the Arts
Museum of the Moving Image
Link Link Club
Wieteke Heldens and Vinyl Richie
Georgia Muenster
Serge Stephan and Lucia Kempkes
Campbell Watson
Alice Millar and Rome Petersson
Flux Factory Admin: Nat Roe, Carina Kaufman, Stephanie Griffin, Carl Rutberg
Kate Henderson, Wes Macarelli, and Tigerasylum Records

Remote Screening Locations
Quartair, The Hague / ArtBar at Royal College of Art
London / Mindscape Universe, Berlin
Silent Barn, Brooklyn
Exhibition History

Available in the following departments: Aesthetic Interventions, Contraptions, Experiments, Rapid Prototypes