Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

All my friends are raising funds on Kickstarter and I don’t have enough money to support all of their awesome projects, so I started a campaign to raise funds to support their Kickstarter campaigns!

Having awesome, ambitious friends with super great projects is expensive! I’m not sure where all this money on Kickstarter keeps coming from, but my hope was to capture a part of it so I could pass it on to my friends’ art projects, indie rock albums, and niche consumer products so I didn’t look like a total cheapskate to everyone.

The campaign successfully raised $234 of the $5000 goal.



$1 Donors
2XL Networks
Anna Barnett
Nick Douglas
Julie Heffernan
Justin Lange
Heather Rasley
Ryan Scammell
Angela Washko

$10 Donors

$20 Donors
Michael Alahouzos
Ida Benedetto
Audrey Boguchwal
Ivan Cash
Tim Harrington
Matthew Silver
Mark Winkel

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