Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

Lost at Sea is a second-person vision quest departing from a monochromatic, patterned world led by an enthusiastic five-year-old girl on a sailboat.

Lost at Sea, along with Welcome to the Gig Economy, is the culmination of a unique collaborative structure defined by SPACES called “TAG”. Over the course of one month, the inimitable Thu Tran and I worked separately on either project for one week before trading and working on the other’s project. In the first week, Thu shot a series of vignettes defining a monochromatic, 2nd-person aesthetic. In the second week, I created a narrative structure and introduced the five-year-old narrator. In the third week, Thu uncovered a theme and made progress towards a climax. And in the final week, I refocused the narrative, fine-tuning the editing and adding digital effects, resulting in the work’s final form.




Exhibition History

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