Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

iSpy is a highly participatory conceptual game show that brings together live streaming video, consenting audiences, and unsuspecting participants for a rollicking good time through the misuse of surveillance. Instead of lamenting that we’re sleepwalking into a surveillance state, iSpy repurposes these technologies for an interactive theatrical experience.

Each show, two featured players carry networked cameras in public space, beaming video back to the game show studio where they coordinate with the rest of the audience (split into teams) to score more points. Challenges involve live aerial surveillance, piñatas, World of Warcraft, butt cracks, toilets, canal-fishing, and many more surprises. The team with the highest score wins the removal of embarrassing photos recently posted online.


Produced by


Jason Eppink
Mike Kelly

Games and Concepts


Production Design
Christopher van Doren
Lena Hawkins
Alison Nguyen

Sound Design

Video/Tech Design


Available in the following departments: Concepts, Experiments, Interactive Experiences, Other Benevolent Mischief, Unauthorized Happenings