Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

The Lexington Ave-53rd St. E/V/6 subway platform in New York City, situated 80 feet below street level and topped by low ceilings, is an especially unforgiving transportation hub. The main exit from this stuffy subterranean chamber is a giant two-lane escalator, reported to be the longest in the world when it was first installed.

We decided the everyday heroes who begin and end their daily routine at this overloaded station needed to be reminded how awesome they are. Five agents spread out along the stairs next to the escalator during the morning rush, holding up signs informing commuters that Rob wanted to give them a high five. At the top of the escalator stood Rob Lathan, hand outstretched.

The morning was a complete success. By the end of the hour, Rob had given out more than 2000 high fives.

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High Fiver

Sign Holders



Digital Photographers

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