Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

Flux Factory created an interactive screening program for Empire Drive-In that celebrated campy sci-fi, anyone-can-do-it filmmaking, and weapons of mass destruction. Flux’s experienced space flight attendants guided participants through take-off procedures in preparation for the night’s features: Ed Wood’s classic Plan 9 from Outer Space, hailed as the “worst film in the history of cinema”, and Hollywood Burn, Soda_Jerk’s sci-fi copyleft epic more than 10-years in the making.

Part 1: founder welcome and safety video
Part 2: Plan 9 From Outer Space
Part 3: alien council
Part 4: Hollywood Burn
Part 5: credits

Exhibition History


Jean Barberis
Aliya Bonar
Elana Belle Carroll
Volkov Commanders
Athena Denos
Dylana Dillon
Jason Eppink
Rachel Goodyear
Lena Hawkins
Carina Kafuman
Phuc Le
Irene Lee
Alex Nathanson
Adrian Owen
Jens Pecho
Amelie Wedel
Christina Vassallo

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