Jason Eppink's Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

FluxVision refers to three things:

  1. an editable playlist of video works by Flux Factory residents
  2. a series of video installations at Flux Factory in the gallery bathroom, in the office bathroom, and on the front of the building that played these videos
  3. and the custom software and hardware that was created to power these installations

FluxVision ran from a collectively-accessible YouTube playlist, making it incredibly simple to manage. Anyone with proper credentials could add, remove, or reorder the videos to be displayed via the playlist without requiring physical access to the installations.

The FluxVision software runs on Raspberry Pi and is released in the public domain.


FluxVision on GitHub (Bash and Python)
Exhibition History


Featured Video Makers
Various Flux Factory residents

Available in the following departments: Aesthetic Interventions, Contraptions, Curations, Interactive Experiences
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