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Analog Wonders and Digital Delights
For You and Your Friends

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Jason Eppink
by Ben DeCamp

Jason Eppink: Experience Designer, Media Curator, Mischief Maker.

Here is something someone on the internet wrote about me in Italian that I translated using Google Translate:

Jason is a kind of genius metropolitan. But it is also a hero for every day, all went on that platform shoes dunking New Yorker who knows what shit. He too will be pissed off one day past but merely sporconare. Indeed … his mind to give a great little thing for everyone…. there is a starting point and inspiration to become our ‘a better world to live’.

Here is my take, which may or may not be better:

Jason Eppink creates experiences and interventions that emphasize participation, mischief, surprise, wonder, and generosity that are staged in both public and online spaces and manifest as street art, pranks, and playful online services and hoaxes for non-consenting audiences. Additionally, Eppink organizes events and exhibitions about art, play, participation, and vernacular culture and develops new exhibition design techniques and technologies for making museums more intuitive and accessible, most recently serving as Curator of Digital Media at Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.

And here is my bio on Wikipedia.

Finally, here are some other words I've used to describe myself: automator, blood pressure raiser, brainstormer, carny, cataloguer, checkwriter, collaborator, commisioner, confused English speaker, contrarian, creator, curator, designer, director, elucidator, enabler, engineer, extremely busy person, faith enhancer, freeloader, herald of dystopia, hobo croupier, hole filler, human target, ideator, information re-designer, installer, instigator, interaction designer, intrepid leader, , mad rocket scientist, mastermind, metafundraiser, narrative constructor, off-the-wall engineer, onlooker, OSHA Nightmare, party host, penitent, photo magnet, ponderer of infinity, producer, question answerer, quixotic quantifier, reappropriator, relocation specialist, replicator, security specialist, self-described hero, self-reflector, shock jock, sign holder, sitter, smart ass, star, trivia whiz, ├╝berfier, unaffiliated associate adjunct professor, videographer, virtual mask enforcer, word assembler, and writer.
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